Saturday, December 25, 2010

Music mania

i've been really getting into techno! i love dubstep and when the bass drops. It immediatly pumps me up and smile. It makes me dance my awkard way and helps me imagine that i am in a mystical, magical place like narnia. Sadley i hadn't been able to afford any good music lately till i found this website. It has truly changed my life!!! Visit this site for awesome beats
forever & always,
Rachel :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Time ☆

Christmas is the best time of the year!!! the song got it right. Just looking at my christmas tree makes me smile. I love driving at night because i see everything lit up and you get to see who has holiday spirit and which losers dont.
(this is a wish list that is with stuff i know i wont get)
Christmas List
- New Camera
- iPad would be AWESOME
- Mac laptop (i think i might start saving for this :/ )
- A good old fuzzy sweater :)
- A trip to California and to Arizona to visit my grandma
- Guitar lessons *i need to know how to play one musical instrument and this is the best*
- Uggs

What i also love about Christmas is the music and movies. I sing christmas songs unintentionally and christmas movies make me think that my christmas's arent that weird. I also feel like i can relate to the people in them because they put them in real life situations.
Objective of Story I LOVE CHRISTMASSSSS!!!!! <3


Hello i'm Rachel! i'm a movie/tv fanatic. I love fashion and media business. i feel sorry for those who have just been introduced to fashion and beauty products, it's a shame to have wasted their life :/ i like laughing it picks up my mood and just generally makes me happier. i watched Snl and it made me laugh so now my day is complete. I dont know how else to talk about myself but here i am take me or leave :)
xoxo Rachel

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